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The digital revolution destroyed the boundaries between advertisement and PR, direct marketing and sales promotion. But our main focus in building communications has been helping clients to reach their strategic goals by using a wide variety of tools and as quickly as possible. Deadline pressure calls for centralized management of all the work done on a project. A successful communications agency has to come up with integrated, complex solutions for its clients, which requires all of its resources and expertise.

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  • offers a full range of services in the area of public communications, providing support in creating companies’ reputation, cementing the relations between the client and the key audiences (the staff, the partners, the mass media, the consumers and the broad public), promoting the clients’ goods, services and ideas. We also owe our impressive international reach to our partners: is the sole and exclusive Russian representative of the largest international chain of communication agencies PRN.

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    Our team has handled various types of communications in over 15 sectors of the economy. We have a vast experience of cooperating with companies in each of these sectors, an understanding of the market, its key players and tendencies. This is what allows us to provide quality solutions to our clients.

  • Event marketing is the most effective tool for communicating with consumers, business partners and the company staff.

    It is important to keep in mind that, as any other marketing activity, event marketing, which is all about events, has its distinctive objectives and goals. Organizing an event we seek first of all to send the marketing message across to the target audience.

    Based on the audience and the objectives we can define three main types of event marketing: TRADE, CORPORATE and SPECIAL.

    TRADE: events for partners, clients and distributors. Their aim may be to present a product or a service, seek new strategic partners or boost the loyalty of the existing ones. Such events include conferences, presentations, receptions, seminars, forums, congresses, summits, as well as special events at exhibitions.

    CORPORATE: events for corporate employees and their families designed to foster corporate pride. These include professional holidays, celebrating the year’s achievements, company anniversaries, corporate New Year’s celebrations, loyalty programs, as well as the Family day and Team Building, which have fast gained popularity in Russia.

    SPECIAL: a series of events and functions to improve the image of a company or a brand. Such events usually require PR support. This group of events includes festivals, concerts, shows, public events, test drives, as well as sponsorship programs and charity auctions, which are great drivers of a company’s public image.

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    The team has organized over 1500 events both in Russia and abroad, including factory opening ceremonies in Russia, anniversaries of major companies, press tours, as well as private parties. Featured in our shows were Sting, Danny DeVito, Cirque Du Soleil and many other Russian and foreign stars. Our shows were attended by Vladimir Putin, Silvio Berlusconi and other prominent politicians, as well as founders and owners of the world’s top companies.

    We always come up with innovational solutions guaranteed to surprise those who think they have seen it all.

    In our portfolio, we also have less grand projects, in which we focus on the concept and professional execution. Nothing could better demonstrate how solid our relationship with our clients is than long-lasting partnerships and joint special projects implemented on a regular basis, sometimes several times a year. The 3.14R team can implement your concept or offer its own and make it work using a host of instruments such as video production, PR and Digital.

  • In 2006, set up an in-house video production studio. Some of our specialists graduated from foreign film academies, such as the New York Film Academy (NYFA), and have many years of filming experience in Russia and abroad. The agency uses cutting edge technologies to perform in the most challenging conditions – from organizing a post-production studio in the bunkroom of the Krusenstern barque in the Atlantic Ocean with daily broadcasts via satellite to filming a reality show on a bike tour in the Himalayas. Our experience and resources are sufficient for a full cycle of video production: the concept, the script, the casting, the shooting and the post-production.

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    Back in our early days we noticed that many projects called for video solutions. With time, this necessity became stronger: regardless of the communication channel (TV, mobile phone, laptop, tablet, or PC) all the target audiences are growing. Video and interactive digital solutions are not limited to our personal devices: they are used by stores, you see them on the street, at presentations and exhibitions and in showrooms. People like to receive information in the visual form: it is taken in and processed more quickly. This process also has an interactive component, which we talk about in the section Digital Influence.

  • Digital influence largely relies on the popularity of social networks. A web-user starts his day with drowning himself in tons of information from the smart phone, the tablet, the laptop, or the PC. Traditional television has taken a back seat to the Internet. While considering a purchase, more people now browse reviews on the web, analyze the opinions of other users and often have a particular product delivered from an online store. Advertising campaigns are not the same anymore – they became interactive. Brands captivate consumers with unusual digital solutions and engage them in dialogues in social networks. Augmented reality, interactive websites, branded mobile games – these are but a small part of the tools of the new marketing, which is the marketing of ideas.

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    provides the service of creating digital campaigns: we will develop an interesting concept for your new or existing product and do all the work on its implementation. The agency specialists love a challenge. They are always ready to move beyond traditional features and implement a new, effective solution. We can also share with you our resources for the implementation of a certain part of your campaign such as website engineering, SEM, creating content for the website, creating and managing a social networking group.

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