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We love to travel.
We do it the way that other people can’t!

Join the motorbike tour in the Himalayas
in September, 2014.

3.14R and Sattva Yoga are now accepting applications and selecting the participants of the new co-project «The wait is over». This extreme expedition will be led by Anand Mehrotra, Sattva yoga’s founder and instructor.

The upcoming trip is an invitation to make a unique pilgrimage, to enjoy the grandeur of mountains and their wisdom and to cognize yourself. We will drive our motorbikes to the sacred Lahaul and Spiti in the Himalayas with mountain passes over 5000 meters high, visit secret valleys, monasteries and temples, and the highest-located village in India. The tour will be led by Anand Mehrotra, leader of The Highest Pass and The Four Sacred Peaks trips, which were featured in documentaries and won awards at several festivals in the United States. People from different countries including Russia will take part in the expedition.

The expedition includes bike rent, accommodation, meals, training, all necessary technical support and escort. Pleasewww.mysattva.com visit for details.

We can hardly unlock the mystery of our existence by mind alone – how and why we came here to live this life. Only an open heart can truly feel it and live out this experience. Only by fully opening ourselves to the experience of our life – sometimes sacred, sometimes eccentric – can we get to the bottom of the truth.

Anand Mehrotra

Attention! Those who don’t ride a bike can also take part in the expedition. The number of participants is limited. If your spirit is strong and you are ready to make such a journey, if your intention is serious and you are ready for changes in your life, please send an email to motobike@314r.com and we will send you the information on the price and the application process. Coming soon: Read an interview with Anand Mehrotra on our website!


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    3.14R’s new project.

    Interviews with our clients and partners: how to do business, conceive interesting projects, and build a career.

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    3.14R agency will carry out PR communications for Comma in Russia through 2015.

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    Communications Agency 3.14R executed translation to Russian of the electronic magazine “Vollert News” published by industrial engineering group Vollert.

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