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At the Golden Engine 2013 awards ceremony for the Avtomir group
of companies we created an atmosphere of the
romantic era of black and white movies.

Avtomir group of companies

organization of a special event, making a video of the awards ceremony


This is the third time 3.14R developed and staged the "Golden Engine" award, providing a full range of services related to its organization. This time the atmosphere of the event was all the romance of black-and-white movies.

First day: the third annual corporate award ceremony. Second day: Master classes for key employees.


A large-scale two-day event for 400 people including the top management of the company was a success: good choice of the site, the artists, work on the concept of the ceremony, organizing over 10 seminars for the employees.

In order to create a 96-minute video for the awards ceremony we:

  • wrote a scenario based on the concept of the award
  • lined up and recorded 1500 minutes of online interviews
  • showed 150 films of the Charlie Chaplin era:)
  • Produced post-production material using CG-graphics.

We have been a 3.14R partner for over 10 years. Together we have organized over 60 events, such as grand openings of auto salons, test drives, company anniversaries. Also together we developed the award concept three years ago. Thank you all, team 3.14R!

Tatiana Lavrenova, PR director of Avtomir GK


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    Interviews with our clients and partners: how to do business, conceive interesting projects, and build a career.

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    3.14R agency will carry out PR communications for Comma in Russia through 2015.

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    Communications Agency 3.14R executed translation to Russian of the electronic magazine “Vollert News” published by industrial engineering group Vollert.

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