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3.14R’s new project.

Interviews with our clients and partners:
how to do business, conceive interesting projects,
and build a career.

Over the last 11 years we have made quite a few friends among our clients. Some projects more complicated than others, they were invariably exciting. Working together with clients we learn a million interesting things from each other. Sometimes I even feel an urge to take out a notebook and take some notes in the middle of the conversation...

You are always in a rush when working on a case or preparing to talk at a conference. But sometimes, discussing business trends over dinner with a client or a partner, I feel so much like switching on a voice recorder to later share the information with those who would definitely find it interesting, to let the discussion spill over into social networks to inspire and generate ideas. In our trade, these conversations are an essential exercise.

So, meet Russian and foreign professionals – businessmen, artists, experts in marketing and PR, masters of oriental practices, stuntmen, movie directors and other exciting people we meet through our work. Let’s talk not just about business and career, about the intricacies of the profession, but also about life goals and experience. Work and life are always closely intertwined, when you do what you love.

Very soon, along with the launch of the full version of our site there will come the first interview.


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    3.14R agency will carry out PR communications for Comma in Russia through 2015.

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    Communications Agency 3.14R executed translation to Russian of the electronic magazine “Vollert News” published by industrial engineering group Vollert.

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