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Happy Birthday 3.14R!

For over 11 years of our work we have collected
a lot of incredible, serious, funny and inspiring stories!

In March, 3.14R celebrates its birthday. This year we made ourselves a gift – a new website. We love coming up with ideas for our customers and bring them to life gracefully and to a good quality. It is doubly pleasing, indeed, to do something for yourself, as we have so little time left for this.

Imagine waking up one morning and realizing you want to work in an agency, no matter what kind – PR, advertising, event, digital... But agency it is, which means that you chose to work in the service industry, solving clients’ problems as well as develop your diplomatic skills, sense of humor and incredible stress tolerance. After all, those tricky situations you get to handle without missing a beat would intimidate an F1 racer.

Some funny stuff

- He blows shows, cancels stadium concerts, doesn’t show up at the event after taking an advance payment...

- We want this guy, he is perfect for our audience.
- It’s a risk for us...
- No pain no gain!
*Nervous laughter on the other end of the line*.

It’s never easy to work with some celebrities, but this was the only case when an experienced, stress-proof manager specializing in artists called one of the partners and was "weeping, shouting and trying to quit":

- Look, I can’t take this. He is completely insane, he is screaming and swearing. And then he is calling me back again and swearing again. I suspect that he is completely mad...
- Take it easy. Who are we talking about?
- *Name of the artist*. I have talked to his director, he wouldn't let the artist talk to me. I don’t know what to do…
- Okay, I'll call him myself...

This was a memorable conversation. The "director" had the voice of the artist, and actually was the artist himself. We talked for an hour and came to an agreement, made a deal. Throughout the conversation we dutifully played our parts, the artist that of the artist’s director and myself that of an agency partner.

On the day of the event everybody was nervous. A Batmobile with a driver was sent to pick up the artist, and a safety net for the worst case scenario was prepared. And... I have to tell you, that the show was a blast.

About the incredible

We would never have believed this is they had told us. After an event in Los Angeles, California, we were a little tired. The most unpleasant thing, or so it seemed at first, was a major change in the scenario. It was pretty late in the evening – and everything that goes with it. We had to talk one actor into coming and filling in for another one on a really short notice, and we did. We fell in love with that actor: it turned out he makes incredible cocktails, and on that difficult night after the event we were tasting them until 6 am. We would never have believed it if they had told us that Danny DeVito makes most delicious cocktails with Limoncello, which he releases under his own brand. And now, thanks to Danny’s remarkable generosity and hospitality the agency has its own bar secret, a cocktail know-how :)

And seriously

If you had a choice, what would you do – stay or leave? Would you climb a mast 54 meters high to take a great shot? Imagine that feeling inside when you see a seagull from the deck, and not from the shore, after two weeks at sea?

IOur work offers an opportunity to answer such questions. One of the 2013 projects was incredibly romantic. Two weeks at sea under sail on the barque Krusenstern. This is what it takes to realize that you have a great job. Indeed, a week ago, after working for three months without a single day off in a stressed mode, I did not think that way.

IAnd then, when it is all over, you're incredibly tired and realize that you need to relax... But just two days later it’s all back again you are already looking forward to a new project, which is going to be as enticing, almost phantasmagoric, and nevertheless real.

About inspiration

We have had a lot of customers over the past 11 years and the number of projects increased exponentially each year. Any project, regardless of the scale and duration, is a source of inspiration, and the client's trust is indispensable for accomplishing any task. Taking on new projects and trying to grasp new ideas is like encountering the impossible, but then the project takes shape, then is made reality, and then it inspires new encounters.

Over the last 11 years we have made quite a few friends among our clients. Some projects more complicated than others, they were invariably exciting. Working together with clients we learn a million interesting things from each other. Sometimes I even feel an urge to take out a notebook and take some notes in the middle of the conversation...

You are always in a rush when working on a case or preparing to talk at a conference. But sometimes, discussing business trends over dinner with a client or a partner, I feel so much like switching on a voice recorder to later share the information with those who would definitely find it interesting, to let the discussion spill over into social networks to inspire and generate ideas. In our trade, these conversations are an essential exercise.

So, meet Russian and foreign professionals – businessmen, artists, experts in marketing and PR, masters of oriental practices, stuntmen, movie directors and other exciting people we meet through our work. Let’s talk not just about business and career, about the intricacies of the profession, but also about life goals and experience. Work and life are always closely intertwined, when you do what you love. Very soon, along with the launch of the full version of our site there will come the first interview.


  • Interview
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    3.14R’s new project.

    Interviews with our clients and partners: how to do business, conceive interesting projects, and build a career.

  • Case
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    3.14R agency will carry out PR communications for Comma in Russia through 2015.

  • Event
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    Communications Agency 3.14R executed translation to Russian of the electronic magazine “Vollert News” published by industrial engineering group Vollert.

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