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BINBANK. Under the Seagull’s Wing

An expedition in the Atlantic Ocean. 3000 miles from the coast of Africa to the shores of Northern Europe.
20 people, carefully selected from thousands of Russians, on board of the legendary sailing boat
Krusenstern. National coverage of the project, production of a documentary,
and out-of-the-box marketing solutions

In 2013, one the biggest Russian banks – BINBANK - marked its 20th anniversary. A worthy celebration was in order, and 3.14R came up with a nationwide image-building project that would emphasize the bank’s reliability and its sustainable development.

Project cycle
01.07-01.12 (5 months)

Stage I (01.07-20.08)
Developing the project concept, naming, branding; creating and launching the promotional web-site goexpedition.ru.
Stage II (20.08-23.09)
Organizing the contest "BINBANK. Under the Seagull's Wing" and an additional competition among the promotional web-site fans.
Stage III (24.09-7.10)
PR campaign ahead of the expedition, press conference in Moscow for the target media with M. Shishkhanov (BINBANK President), M. Kozhukhov (travel journalist and TV host) and R. Khait (actor).
Stage IV (8.10-23.10)
Expedition on board of the Krusenstern and additional promotional activities at the promo web-site (the journey log, the Miss Expedition contest).
Stage V (24.10-01.12)
PR activities after the event, organization of a press tour to Germany and a special event in Berlin with M. Shishkhanov, M. Vitorgan, and others.

In the run-up to its anniversary BINBANK challenged the nation to a competition to join the crew of the largest Russian sailing ship Krusenstern on a two-week ocean voyage. The members of the expedition were chosen both through goexpedition.ru, the event’s promotional web-site for all Russian citizens, and on the bank’s internal portal for its employees. 20 winners were picked.

By helping organize the expedition and the contest to get on board we were making a bet that even the wildest dreams come true if one truly wants something and is ready to go for it nor is afraid of failure.

During the expedition, we shot daily video and photo reports and posted them in the virtual online Logbook at goexpedition.ru. 12 of us were on a film crew making a documentary about the expedition, but all of the participants were also involved in its production.

Creating the promotional site goexpedition.ru

We developed a website with social network features (such as creating profiles, posting and commenting), and integrated in it the function of voting from accounts in Russia’s most popular social networks: Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, and Facebook.

The web-site, which allowed people to vote for contenders (one “like” equaling one vote), generated traffic from the first days of the contest. The “like” button was tied to accounts on three social networks, so one could also share the participant’s profile on his or her own page.


To attract more traffic to the website, we offered an additional tool – the Hyperlike. It was available at the bank’s outlets only and could be activated on the promotional web-site. This tool earned the bank thousands of new customers during the contest.

After the voting ended, the web-site was transformed into the Logbook, to which daily video reports about the expedition were added. Fan competitions were also organized.

The expedition

The main stage of the expedition was sailing 3000 miles on the Krusenstern in Spartan conditions (shared shower rooms, crew quarters for 12 people), following a strict naval routine. During the expedition the participants were split into teams for daily competitions. We also developed a special "survival program" for the participants.

Show business and travel-journalism stars

Media partners of the project

Filming on board

We filmed and cut videos onboard and placed them daily in the brand account on YouTube as well as in the Logbook. The 3.14R production team was working on a documentary with a catching theme: ordinary people find themselves in extreme conditions and look at their lives at a different angle, maybe even reassess them.

Media events

In order to capture media attention we organized activities to promote the project and raise brand awareness: a press conference in Moscow (02.10) and a press tour in Berlin (23-25.10).


"Bank of the Year" ceremony, a winner in the "Promotional Campaign of the Year" category

Shortlist of the "Silver Archer" award, business communications category


  • More than 300 unique publications about the project mentioning BINBANK in federal and major regional print and online media (excluding reprints and reposts). More than 300 radio broadcasts including announcements, interviews, and reports. The total length of video announcements and reports on TV was more than 3000 minutes .
  • More than 100,000 unique visitors to the promotional web-site during the project, approximately 1,000,000 page views. The average visit depth was 5.7 pages per visitor per session and the bounce rate was less than 15%, which indicates a high quality of the traffic. (According to Yandex.Metrika).
  • Striking the target audience: men/women – 56% and 44%; age segments: under 25 – 23%, 25 – 35 years – more than 50 %, over 35 – 23%. Maximum reach: big cities where the bank has outlets. The top 5 cities by visitors: Moscow, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg, Omsk, and Voronezh. (According to Yandex.Metrika).
  • The mechanics of the contest and the special features of the web-site boosted the virality of the expedition news. All the three social networks through which people voted on the promotional web-site generated a significant share of traffic on goexpedition.ru (71% – Vkontakte, 17% – Odnoklassniki, 11% – Facebook, 1% – other (Twitter, МoiMir)) (According to Yandex.Metrika).
  • Users were highly active on the website during the project: 1,714 posts from the participants, more than 250 000 page views, total number of comments – 10,962.
  • As the main contest "BINBANK. Under the Seagull’s Wing” was held,a community of the brand’s advocates evolved on goexpedition.ru – people with first-hand experience of the contest and awareness of the real value of the prize as well as of the high standards of BINBANK’s service. People were sharing their positive experience both on the contest page goexpedition.ru and on their personal web pages in social networks.

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