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From the day it was founded, 3.14R has been developing faster than most Russian PR agencies. Aside from successfully tackling communications and marketing tasks assigned by the clients, we launch our own exciting projects when we feel the market is ripe for them. The goals we set for ourselves today is maintaining high standards in cooperation with the client companies on various projects and in different areas (COOPERATION) and staging events that would help improve the situation in the society and in the world (INITIATIVES).

Models of service

The agency was founded by marketing communications and PR professionals. The agency's leading experts have over 15 years of PR experience behind them. Our mission is to provide services of the highest quality in the areas of our competence (PR, Event, Digital Influence, and Media Production).

The agency has extensive experience in carrying out projects for clients in areas as diverse as automotive manufacturing and retail, consumer electronics, financial services, IT, real estate development business, sporting goods, FMCG, oil and metal industries, telecommunications, and the public sector.

At the core of our interaction with customers is a simple formula that involves analyzing the project’s goals and objectives, its target audiences, the market situation, and the competitive landscape and then applying modern PR tools to achieve the best results.

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